Spend and Collect

P100's debit card rewards you for every purchase you make with P100 points which can be easily exchanged for money.

With our loyalty program, you can save money while making card transactions and gain even the 50% rebate on all crypto fees.

Play and Earn

The whole idea has been turned into a game!
Earn P100 points with each transaction to level up and enjoy increasing rewards. As you progress through the levels, your cashback percentage and rebate on crypto fees will change, with Level 3 offering the highest crypto rebate.

Level 1: Get started on your rewards journey!

Reach Level 1 by earning 1000 points and unlock 20% cashback on transactions and a 20% rebate on crypto fees.

Level 2: Level up to the next tier of rewards!

Accumulate 3000 points to reach Level 2 and unlock 9% cashback on transactions and a 35% rebate on crypto fees.

Level 3: You’ve reached the pinnacle of rewards!

Achieve the impressive milestone of 6000 points to reach Level 3, where you’ll unlock +4% cashback on transactions and an incredible -50% rebate on crypto fees.

However, remember nothining lasts forever…

After exchanging your P100 points they will be taken from your point balance what can cause losing a level. Spend your points carefully!

Gain Up to 30 €

Get ready to unlock welcome bonuses by simply registering, completing the KYC process, and inviting up to 10 friends to join P100.  It's an easy and rewarding way to kickstart your P100 experience.

The bonus you earn will be awarded as "Bonus Points," which you can easily convert into cash with a simple tap to turn your rewards into real money.

Now, you should learn more about P100 Hot Wallet and its functionalities...

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