How to Redeem P100 Token - POT


Are you ready to make the most out of your POTs? Read our step-by-step guide below to redeem your POT tokens and get rewarded.

1. Go to 'My Pot' Section

On the P100 home screen, click the ‘My Pot’ button.


2. Select the ‘Burn’ Tab

There are three tabs at the top of the My Pot section. Click on the third tab, which is called “Burn”.

3. Burn POTs

In the "Burn" tab, select the number of POT tokens you want to burn and click on the "Commit to burn POT" button and confirm the burn.

‍Understanding the Reward Calculation


‍At the end of each month, your reward will be calculated based on the percentage of POTs you burned out of the total number of POTs burned.
For example, if you burned 10 POTs and all users burned 100 POTs, you will receive 10% of the total. If the reward pool contains 200 USDC, you will receive 20 USDC.


‍Tips for Maximizing Your Rewards


  1. Choose the right time to burn: Strategically choosing your burn time can help you get a bigger share of the rewards.‍
  2. Be active: By completing more tasks to get POT tokens, you will be able to burn more of them, which means you can get more rewards. 


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