P100 Referral Program


P100's referral program is an important element that is designed to drive growth and engagement through a clearly structured reward mechanism. In this article, we will discuss the key aspects of the referral program, how it works, and the potential rewards that can be earned by P100 users.

The program uses referral links to track and associate new users with the referrer, allowing for transparent and accurate measurement of user contributions. The referral process is divided into three levels of new user involvement: onboarding, recruitment, and adoption.



Criteria: new user downloads the P100 app, registers, completes KYC (Know Your Customer), and executes at least one transaction.

Reward: the referrer earns 2 POTs for each new user who completes the onboarding process.



Criteria: new onboarded user, executes 10 transactions of any type.

Reward: referrer earns an additional 4 POTs for each user who reaches the recruitment level.



Criteria: referred user completes 20 transactions and makes at least two deposits (either in Euro or Crypto), each valued at a minimum of €500.

Reward: referrer earns an additional 8 POTs for each user who completes the adoption level.


Potential Earnings

The referral program is designed to reward active referrers generously. Here’s a breakdown of the potential tokens a user can earn by referring others to P100:


Onboarding Reward: 2 POTs per new user.

Recruitment Reward: 4 POTs per user reaching the recruitment stage.

Adoption Reward: 8 POTs per user reaching the adoption stage.


For example, if a user refers 5 new users and all of them complete the onboarding process, the referrer earns 10 POTs (5 users x 2 POTs). If these 5 users further advance to the recruitment stage, the referrer earns an additional 20 POTs (5 users x 4 POTs). Finally, if all 5 users reach the adoption stage, the referrer earns another 40 POTs (5 users x 8 POTs).Β 


In total, the referrer could earn up to 70 POTs from these 5 users. And this is only for a green user level, if you are on a higher level you will get even higher rewards. More information about color levels you can find in our article here.



The P100 referral program is an innovative approach to growing the P100 community while rewarding users for their contributions. By offering a structured reward system that incentivizes different levels of user engagement, P100 ensures that both the referrer and the referred user benefit.Β