P100 Referral Program Guide

Invite your friends and earn money together.

(You know what? Invite your enemies…we pay the same).

The Gist

If you are already a P100 user, you can invite up to 10 people to join the party. For each of them, you will get 250 points that are worth €2.5. There are some conditions - very easy - if you’re not a bot ;) 

Below we explain it all in detail.

Remember: The people you invite must use your referral link when registering with P100 - if they don’t we won’t know they came from you and you’ll get nothing…

The Conditions

To be eligible for the 250 points reward [which is worth €2.5] per new user, they [the people you invited with your link] need to complete the following:

  1. Download P100, register and complete KYC
  2. Order a plastic or virtual Mastercard debit card [it’s free]
  3. Actually get the card and make at least 2 transactions with it.

  4. The transactions from your P100 Mastercard must be real. Transactions at a financial institution, like revolut, wise etc… will not be accepted.
  5. The transactions shouldn’t be refunded or cancelled, otherwise the 2.5€ will not be credited. 

Read our T&C (schedule 1) for more information

Step-by-step How-to

  1. Open your P100 app on your mobile phone
  2. After you log in, click on the “Refer friend” icon
  3. This will open the Referral panel - where you can find your personal link at the bottom.

Points are Money

100 points are worth €1. 

Check it for yourself. Like before, click on the refer friend icon. Once you are in the Referral panel screen you’ll see the gift box →

Click on it and you’ll be able to spend and convert your points to euros. Ka-ching!


If you don't have P100, The Digital Money App yet, download it and earn rewards today!

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