100% Practical Daily Banking

We make daily banking more practical and affordable.
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Individual IBANs for Every Client

Personal IBANs

Each client receives their own personal IBAN.

Direct Deposits

Receive your salary, pay your rent, and manage other payments easily using your personal IBAN.

Fee-Free Transfers

Send money instantly and without fees to other P100 users.

Earn POT Tokens

Earn POT tokens for your money deposits on your IBAN.

Flexible Mastercard Debit Card Options

Physical or Virtual Cards

Choose between physical or virtual Mastercard debit cards.

Global Usage

Use your card worldwide without any hassle.

Multiple Cards

Get multiple cards for different spending occasions.
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Dashboard mockup

Seamless Euro Transfers Across Europe

SEPA Transfers

Easily perform SPEA transfers within Europe.

Cheap and Fast

Benefit from low-cost and speedy euro transfers to anyone in Europe.

Global ATM Compatibility

Mastercard-Friendly ATMs

Withdraw cash at any Mastercard-friendly ATM worldwide.

Multiple Currencies

Withdraw various currencies based on your location.

Best Conversion Rates

Enjoy the best conversion rates directly from your fiat or crypto balance.
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Mobile Wallet Compatibility

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Our virtual and physical cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Convenient Tapping

Enjoy the convenience of tapping to pay with your phone.

Instant Zero-Fee Money Transfers

Instant Transfers

Send instant bank transfers with zero fees to P100 users or non-users.

Immediate Availability

The money will be available instantly in the recipient's account.

Flexible Spending

Recipients can spend the money with cards or send bank transfers from their personal IBANs.
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Get Rewards

At P100, we believe in rewarding our users for their active participation.
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It's time to share!

POT Token

Earn P100’s token and receive USDC rewards every month

Referral program

Refer your friends and earn rewards based on their activities


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