We make crypto feel like daily banking

We make crypto feel like daily banking
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Tap to pay with crypto or fiat

Easy as never before!

Anywhere in the world, tap to pay for your food delivery, coffee, or vacation in crypto or fiat

Automatic Currency Conversion at the Best Rate

Whether you are paying in Colombian pesos or your balance is in Litecoin, we will automatically convert your currency of choice at the best rate, allowing you to tap to pay with peace of mind.

P2P transfers!

Send Crypto to Friends

Send crypto to your friend’s phone number without any blockchain fees and introduce them to the crypto world

Instant and Free

Enjoy instant, fee-free P2P crypto transfers to email or phone numbers.

No Wallet Needed

The receiver doesn't need to have a crypto wallet. We will automatically create one for them in their account, removing the knowledge barrier.
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Dashboard mockup

Easy Crypto Transactions

Buy Crypto

Purchase crypto instantly or set limit orders using various payment methods, including bank transfers, cards, and alternative payment options.

Sell Crypto

Sell your crypto and receive the money instantly in your bank account, ready for immediate use.

Multiple Payment Methods

Choose from multiple payment options to buy crypto, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Seamless Swaps

Easily swap between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) at the lowest conversion rates in the market.

Instant Zero-Fee Money Transfers

Instant Transfers

Send instant bank transfers with zero fees to P100 users or non-users.

Immediate Availability

The money will be available instantly in the recipient's account.

Flexible Spending

Recipients can spend the money with cards or send bank transfers from their personal IBANs.
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Get Rewards

At P100, we believe in rewarding our users for their active participation.
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It's time to share!

POT Token

Earn P100’s token and receive USDC rewards every month

Referral program

Refer your friends and earn rewards based on their activities


Participate in our giveaways for a chance to win various prizes

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Daily Banking That Speaks Crypto, Fluently!
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