P100 Membership

Subscribe to the P100 Membership to buy, sell, top up, and withdraw your cryptocurrency like a pro, with real rates and zero fees. Only €5 a month (or less), will save you money with each transaction.

Pay Zero Fees

P100 Subscription removes fees from the P100 app, making every app activity easy, affordable and free from additional calculations.With the Membership Plan, each transaction saves you money. Now you can decide quicker than ever and change your trading decision whenever you want and at any price.  

Become the Premium User

For €5 a month (or less!) you can become a Premium User. As a Premium User, you can trade and move your crypto without any P100 fees at real exchange rates. Here’s how to become a Premium User:

1. Tap on the head icon in the upper-left corner
2. Choose “P100 Membership” from the list
3. Tap on “Get your zero-fees subscription - €5/mo”
4. Choose your billing option and click on the blue button
5. Enjoy fees freedom!

Many billing options

There are different types of traders and investors. Some prefer trading small price movements more often, while the others choose to trade significant price changes with a lesser frequency. 
We get it; this is why we offer three different billing plans:

1-month billing cycle (€5/month), 
3-month billing cycle (€4.67/month),
Annual billing cycle (€4.17/month).

Choose your plan, and if your needs ever change, you can switch it easily, whenever you want.

Move crypto like a pro

Real-time exchange rates and zero fees. That is something that retail traders and investors have been dreaming about for centuries. Now we have made it possible for everyone, for a small monthly fee of €5. 

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