P2P Transfers

P100 app takes transfers to the next level by offering free peer-to-peer transactions for both money and cryptocurrencies, enabling to send funds to others instantly.

Sending money to your loved ones couldn’t be easier!

Peer-To-Peer Money Transfers

Experience the convenience of fee-free money transfers within the P100 app.

From splitting bills with friends to lending a helping hand,
you can securely send money to other P100 users without worrying about transaction fees, making it a hassle-free way to transfer funds.

Send your favorite digital currencies to fellow P100 users without any fees holding you back.

Enjoy the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of transferring crypto directly from the P100 app, without any additional fees or complications.

How to make P2P transfer?

Making a P2P transfer in the P100 App requires passing KYC

Tap „Transfer” button,
Choose „P2P transfer” from the list,
Choose the recipient from your contact list,
Decide if you want to send money or crypto,
Enter the amount and the title of a transfer,

We hope now you understand how P2P Transfers work!
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