Free Personal Euro Account

Experience the complete functionality of a financial management with the P100 Personal Euro Account.

Enjoy essential financial services like a personal IBAN and debit cards, providing everything you need to meet your daily financial requirements.

IBAN and SWIFT team up in the P100 app to make your financial life a whole lot easier!

IBAN sets you up with your personal euro account, allowing you to handle transactions in euros fluently. With SWIFT, you can transfer money across borders with confidence and without any hassle.

Pay Online and In-Store

Every Personal Account deserves a trusty debit card, and P100 delivers nothing less.

Whether it’s a virtual or physical Mastercard debit card, P100 has you covered for all your daily expenses, ensuring smooth transactions wherever you go.

Fiat and Crypto In One Place

Get he combination of a personal fiat account and a crypto hot wallet allowing you to handle traditional currency and digital assets within one super easy interface.

No more jumping between different platforms or struggling with multiple logins.

Pay Your Way With Crypto or Fiat

P100 puts you in control of your payment preferences, offering the flexibility to pay with either crypto or fiat.

Switch between paying with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies using your debit card, and stick to what you’re comfortable with.

No Annual or Monthly fees

Your Euro account with P100 comes completely free of charge!

No fees or hidden costs, just pure financial freedom to manage your Euro transactions without worrying about any extra expenses.

It seems like you know all the basic of the Euro Account.
Now, you should learn more about Mastercard debit cards…

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