Take full control over your crypto

P100 Self-Custody wallet is a secure and reliable space for your digital assets.

In just a few seconds you can transfer your assets to the P100 Self-Custodial Wallet and experience enhanced security and peace of mind.

The Self-Custody Wallet acts as your private virtual piggy bank, enabling you to securely send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies. It grants you complete control over your assets, eliminating the need for reliance on financial institutions or exchanges. With exclusive access to your private keys, you are the only one in charge of your P100 Self-Custodial Wallet.

Set Up Your Own P100 Self-Custody Wallet
Setting up the Self-Custody in the P100 App requires passing KYC

• Tap the "Self-Custody" tile
• Start the process of setting up,
• Begin setup process,
• Save your 12-word-long secret phrase securely,
• Set password for future Self-Custody use.

Transfer assets to Self-Custody Wallet

Let’s say you want to transfer Bitcoin from your P100 hot or any external wallet

• Tap the "Self-Custody" tile,
• Choose "Bitcoin" from the list,
• Tap "Transfer", copy the address
• Paste the address in another wallet to transfer BTC,
• Done!

What if I lose my secret phrase?

We told you to save your phrase…

If you lose your secret phrase there is no way to recover it. Please make sure you save it.

What fees should I expect?

While the initial fee on all your crypto activities is set at 1%, you can easily reduce it to even 0.5% thanks to our loyalty program.

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